Sunday, 22 May 2011

Diana F+

RM 470*

*Including Shipping = RM40.00

  • Multiple exposures
  • Variable focus settings
  • Variable aperture settings
  • Bulb (B) mode (for long exposures)
  • Flash hotshoe (to attach flash)
  • Removable lens for Pinhole Function
  • Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread for solid long exposures and pinhole photography
  • Uses 120mm film (roll film)

Package includes:
1. 1 Camera (Diana F+ camera)
2. 1 Diana F+ flash
3. 1 lens cap
4. 1 camera strap
5. 1 hotshoe sync flash adapter (only for the set with flash)
6. 1 Diana F+ book
7. 2 film mask – 52x52mm, 42 X 42mm
8. Color Gel (only for the set with flash)
9. English manual

  • Diana F+
  • Diana F+ World Tour Tokyo
  • Diana F+ Black Jack
  • Diana F+ Hong Meow
  • Diana F+ CMYK
  • Diana F+ El Toro
  • Diana F+ Glow
  • Diana F+ Mr Pink
  • Diana F+ Qing Hua
  • Diana F+ Chromiac
  • Diana F+ KIRAMEKI – Happiness
  • Diana F+ Edelweiss
  • Diana F+ with Flash Package
  • Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

*International warranty: 2 years


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